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This is the section of my site where my friend's can post stuff because they either don't know how to get a website or they don't have a computer. So, here ya' go.

Viagra Cracker

-The Told Secret-

I throw up
Is that a crime?
When I eat enough,
I feel it's time
To climb the stairs,
and being unaware
I lift that seat,
and discard those things
The things that have pained me for so many years,
the things that people have used in words to bring me to tear and open my
Every night I tell myself i'll stop,
but of course I won't,
even though I say I don't
I have to three that are close to me
-what has been happening
Only one seems to care what will be
If I continue I could die
But only he trys to stop those crys
Only he-out of those 3-
really cares
The other two-
if they only knew
But they don't know whats right
But in spite
I do it anyway

This Person wishes to remain Anonymous

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